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Dog Collars for High-end Luxury and Comfort

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Pet owners take very good care of their companions and accessorise them to make them stylish and unique. They purchase exclusive pet accessories to make them comfortable and fashionable. Pet lovers not only buy pet jewellery, but also collars for better control and mobility. All such pet accessories make pets look more beautiful. Today, there are different types of pet accessories available in the market for dogs, cats, fish, birds or other pets. You can easily choose the one that suits your pet in a distinguished manner.

One essential aspect to consider is that pet accessory should not harm your pet in any way. It should be according to your pet’s size, health and physical features. The different pet accessories that are available in the market offer high-end comfort to the pets without harming their skin. Pet boutiques commonly offer collars, purses, necklaces, harnesses, clothing, beds, leashes, bracelets for vests and much more.

However, pet lovers should understand the very requirements of their pets and then purchase pet products. In addition, a pet product should be extremely soft and made up of pure material so that it cannot react with the skin or harm pets in any way.

Dog Collars

Dog Collars

One of the most commonly purchased products is dog collars. Dog collars are perfectly adjustable and available in different shapes and sizes according to the size of the dog. These are available in various designs, soft leather material and are usually hand crafted to reflect exclusivity. Most of the people prefer high-end luxurious pet collars that offer extra padding, durable buckles, many hand set crystals and chrome plated hardware. These exclusive looking dog collars give exceptional look to the dogs. Even people feel well from inside after giving such exclusive gifts to their dogs.

In order to exhibit high-end opulence people buy specially made collars that deliver zing like nothing else. Figuratively, it looks ideal for your small companions! You can see class excellence in design, materials as well as craftsmanship in sophisticated collars. These boast latest fashion trends and exhibits unparallel brilliance & perfection.

Designer Dog Collars

If you want more luxurious pet products and specially dog collars, then online super stores or online pet boutiques are the finest option to consider. They not only provide different types of dog collars, but offer discounts, and other free gifts to their customers.

About Author:-

James Smith is a ghost writer and has written various articles on pet accessories, wholesale pet products, online pet boutiques, pet toys, designer dog clothing, and etc. for many years.


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Pets on Tour – Bringing Your Furry Friend Along For the Ride

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Taking furry family members on holiday has become very popular in recent times, with many places accommodating to animal’s needs, it’s more appealing to take your pet with you than to leave them at home. Here’s a quick to do guide before venturing off on your holiday…

  • Location Considerations: Before you set off on your jolly’s you need to take into consideration your destination and how you are going to get there. Your destination should be pet friendly, so pick a location which is going to cater for your furry friend as well as having plenty of activities for both you and your pet, especially if you are taking your dog along.


  • Preliminary Health Checks: Make sure you visit the vet before you set off, a routine check is all that is needed, this just gives you piece of mind that everything is going to run smoothly on your holidays. Furthermore make sure your pet has an up to date microchip, this increases the safety of your companion if anything should happen, and additionally you should have a personalised collar made with a reachable contact number.

Pets on tour

  • Pet-Friendly Transport: Before you travel, it’s advised to get your pet used to the transport that you have chosen this will result in a smooth journey. When travelling by car, make sure you pack the car up before loading your pet. No matter what transportation you have chosen, the last 3 stages are crucial; make sure your pet has had plenty of exercise, enough food for a few hours of travel and that he/she has gone to the bathroom. After these preparations you are ready to go…


  • Panic Prevention: Revise the stresses that your beloved pet may encounter on your travels and try to avoid them. These stresses will vary depending on your pet, for dogs they feel most comfortable when with their owners as it gives them a sense of security. Cats however are very different; they are very territorial animals and feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings. Smaller animals have less stresses, and as long as they are comfortable and their habitat (i.e. enclosure or tank) is consistent, they rarely acknowledge a change in location.


  • Creature Comforts: Make sure you carry familiar toys and snacks with you, having items which carry the smell of home will comfort pets and will help them settle. When travelling you have the option to cage your pet or allow them to be loose. For small animals and cats it’s a must to keep them caged, this is for both yours and the animal’s safety.

Furthermore if the vehicle has to come to a sudden stop, then anything not secure whether it is a passenger or pet will become a moving risk. For dogs, it’s your choice if you want to secure them or if they are free to move around the backseat or your boot. They do demand more space than other animals and will be more comfortable when given the opportunity to move around.


  • Comfortable Conditions: Additionally you also have to consider the different conditions in your car. Windows should be left open when leaving a pet alone in the car. Cars standing in the sun can get very hot very fast and can cause serious problems for animals left inside. Windows should also be kept open when driving giving a continuous air flow; however be careful not to cause a draft.


Keeping temperature at a constant is advised.  Make sure you schedule regular stops to stretch out yours and your pet’s legs, allowing for toilet and food breaks too.

There’s nothing quite like sharing your favourite holiday experiences with your pet, so plan ahead and make your next holiday one to remember. It’s vitally important to consider their stress levels and health throughout the journey, and also to check on them at regular intervals to ensure they’re happy.

This article was written on behalf of Pet Health Info. Pet Health Info is a free online resource providing advice for pet owners regarding pet health care.

Photo Credit: Catskills Grrl

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How to Deal with Neighbourhood Dogs

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

Stephen Burroughs is a writer, blogger and Humane Society volunteer. He enjoys blogging about everything pertaining to dogs and responsible pet ownership. Stephen writes for All-Dog-Beds, a site that specialises in dog beds of all shapes and sizes.

The following scenario has probably happened to you whether you’re a dog walker or just a person walking a dog: you’re approached by one of the neighbourhood dogs, a pooch you usually see behind a fence, through a window or on someone else’s leash—and you start to fear the worst. Some of these encounters can end up in physical harm and heartache, but they certainly don’t have to go in that direction. There are several steps you can take to prepare for encounters with neighbourhood dogs and even a few steps you can take in the event that something bad does happen.

Dealing with neighbourhood dogs

Meet and Greet

If you walk dogs in certain neighbourhoods, chances are that you recognise at least a few of the dogs that call that area their home. Maybe you’ve even met some of them. If you foresee encountering any of these dogs, it might be best to go meet them (and their owners) before the next time you walk any dogs into that area. I know that I had to meet my neighbour’s boxer mix and let him get to know me before he was comfortable with my Min Pin and I walking anywhere near his house. Now that I’ve met him he’s just fine. If you can, always talk to the dog’s owner first and get a feel for both of them. Many dog owners will let their dogs run around the neighbourhood without a leash, but sometimes the dog just gets out by accident. Ask the owner which one is the case. If you’re a dog walker, you already know the etiquette for meeting a new dog, so make sure that you always practice good behaviour. If you meet a few dogs in the neighbourhood and it goes well, chances are that they will remember you and not give you any trouble other than bringing you a stick to throw.

Use Caution 

It’s inevitable that a situation will arise where you just don’t know a neighbourhood dog and what he’s capable of. He might be territorial, he might be afraid, he might be mistreated at home and he might be aggressive. He might also be a completely friendly, loveable goofball who gets along just fine with dogs and people. You just don’t know. When faced with the dog, take cognisance of his body language. Avoid running, yelling or trying to touch the dog. Never approach the dog, and try to circle around him instead of walking straight toward him. Keep very calm and make sure the dog or dogs you’re walking know that you’re doing okay—it will help them to keep calm as well. If you’re a dog walker, you already know how your four legged clients react in certain situations, so keep that in mind. If the strange dog does approach, turn your body away, keep still and stay collected. Most dogs are just curious and really have no interest in hurting you. If you do need to get away, back away without letting the strange dog out of your site. Above everything else, make sure you keep a handle on the dogs you’re walking and stay calm. If you do have a close encounter with a neighbourhood dog, consider taking an alternate route next time or consider just staying away from wherever you perceive that dog’s territory to be.

In Case of Emergency

Unfortunately, sometimes things will go sour and the dog will want to attack you and the dogs you’re walking. The best thing you can do is still act in a preventative and defensive manner. If the dog is barreling toward you with his head neither raised nor lowered, chances are that he’s going to attack. Being prepared is, again, the key here. If you’re a dog walker, you’re probably the type of person who hates the idea of causing harm to an animal. If that’s the case, it’s wise to keep a walking stick or umbrella on you so you have something to keep in between you and the marauding dog. Dogs have short attention spans and will often give up on you if they’re not making any progress in their attack. You can also use a coat or jacket to distract the attacking dog, try throwing a treat or using grocery store lemon juice (the kind in the green and yellow squirt bottle) aimed at the dog’s nose, mouth and eyes. The goal here is to make sure that an encounter with a neighbourhood dog never turns into a full blown attack. There are several articles on the internet (with several different theories, some more humane than others) about how to separate fighting dogs and how to escape an actual attack. Let’s be proactive and never let it get to that point.

Most of the time, encountering a neighbourhood dog is never anything more than a nuisance. There’s even a possibility that you and your dogs might make a new friend. It’s always best to use caution when you’re faced with strange dogs, however, and prevention is the best weapon in almost every possible scenario. Get to know these dogs and their owners if you can, use caution around these dogs when you don’t know them and have a plan just in case an unfortunate situation does arise. Dealing with neighbourhood dogs can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to end with anyone getting hurt or traumatised.

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Dog Walkers Guest Blogging – Write a guest post for us!

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Here at Dog Walkers City we like to publish interesting, controversial and helpful articles on the subject of Dogs. Of course, we lean towards subjects that will be of interest to professional Dog walkers but that’s not to say we limit ourselves to those subjects. Some of our recently published articles include; Dog Walking Rates, Advertising Your Dog Walking Business Online, Pros & Cons of Neutering Your Dog and 10 Basic Dog Health Checks.

If you’re a fan of the Dog Walkers City Blog, have a keen interest in Dogs and have a reasonably good command of the English language then we’re looking for you! We’re looking for guest blog authors to write for the blog. Writing a guest blog post for Dog Walkers City has many benefits, including a link back to your own website in a ‘bio’ at the bottom of the post. A link back from us has a good chance of increasing your search engine ranking!

guest blog post

Your post will also be read by over a thousand Dog Walkers City members and all of our posts rank highly in Google, meaning people searching for the topic you write about will read your post and see your bio and website link.

We accept articles on any Dog subject, as long as the subject is interesting or helpful in some way. Take a look through our back catalogue on the blog and you’ll get an idea of the sort of articles we publish. The article must be at least 450 words in length and must be accurate. We also accept review style posts on Dog products. If you’ve used a product that you love or hate, why not tell the world?!

So, if you’d like to write for the Dog Walkers City blog, get in touch. You can contact us via our contact form here. Or send us an email at:

admin (at) dogwalkerscity (dot) com

Similarly, we are always interested in writing for other Dog blogs so that we can broaden our network. If you’d like us to write for you, contact us in the same way as above.

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10 Dog Twitter Feeds To Follow

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Do you use Twitter? If not, you should! It’s great for quick breaks from whatever you’re working on! Here at Dog Walkers City we ‘follow’ a load of Dog related accounts which provide us with photos, news, deals and tips. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s something for everyone. We’ve decided to compile a top 10 list of our favourite Dog related twitter feeds for you to follow. If you’re not on twitter but love Dogs, sign up and follow these accounts – you’ll soon be hooked!

1. The Daily Puppy (@DailyPuppy)

The Daily Puppy publishes a feed of daily puppy and dog photos, along with the occasional information article.

2. Tails Pet Magazine (@tailsmagazines)

Tails Pet Magazine is a US dog magazine full of great stories, news, photos and more. Their twitter feed is always promoting great articles from the Tails Pet Magazine website.

3. K9 Magazine (UK) (@K9Magazine)

K9 Magazine is another great Dog magazine, this time from the UK. Wherever you are though, the feed is still full of great photos, news and articles.

4. Fetch Dog (@FetchDog)

If you’re in the US, Fetch Dog sells all sorts of Dog related products, including collars, bowls, leads etc. There Twitter feed usually informs you of the latest deal or discount.

5. Dog Milk (@dog_milk)

Ok, Dog Milk is one of our favourites! This blog is all about Dog related design and their feed shows off a load of cool products and designs. Well worth checking out.

6. The Kennel Club (@KCLovesDogs)

The Kennel Club are the U.K’s largest organisation dedicated to the health and welfare of Dogs. Their feed is always full of great information, especially if you’re from the UK.

7. The Dog Daily (@TheDogDaily)

The Dog Daily’s Twitter feed has quizzes, articles, photos, tips and news. An all round great feed to follow, wherever you are.

8. Dog Living Magazine (@DOGliving)

Another great magazine, this time based in North Carolina. Wherever you are though, their feed has great information, and a lot of entertaining posts.

9. Kelly Felstead (@kellyfelstead)

Kelly Felstead is a writer for ‘Your Dog’ magazine. She tweets about the magazine and about various Dog related topics.

10. Dogs Trust (@DogsTrust)

Tweets from one the UK best known Dog charities. Dogs Trust tweets about everything from Charitable events to Funny photos.

Which Dog related Twitter feeds do follow? Have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

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Dog Walkers City Survey

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

As we try and improve Dog Walkers City we consider all aspects of the site,  from design and functionality to promotion and advertising. Our aim will always be to help Dog owners find a Dog walker or sitter as quickly and as easily as possible and to achieve this, we need to work with Dog walkers and sitters to keep improving the site in the best ways possible.

We also want to create a resource that Dog walkers and sitters can use to improve their business, in whatever way possible. I suppose our overall goal is to improve the industry as a whole, in whatever small way we can.

With this in mind we have created a Questionnaire with a few basic questions that we hope you will fill out. The Questionnaire only has 10 questions and will literally take a couple of minutes to fill out. If you’ve used our service here at Dog Walkers City, please help us to improve by giving us your opinion.

You can fill out the Questionnaire here:


Thanks in advance!
From The ‘Dog Walkers City’ Team

Dog Walkers City Premium Membership Offer

Monday, February 20th, 2012

If you’ve logged into the members area at Dog Walkers City recently you may have noticed that we will soon be launching our premium membership package. This package has a number of great features that are sure to further your Dog walking business. To see exactly what we’re offering, simply sign into your account and click the ‘Upgrade’ tab.

Before we launch this package, we need to test the premium membership to make sure everything is working properly and to do that we need your help! We’re going to be giving away a number of free lifetime memberships (usually worth £5/$8 per month) to anyone who lends us a hand. That means if you help us out you can become a free premium member for life!

To get your free lifetime membership all you have to do is link to us ( from your website. It’s as simple as that!

So if you want to be participate, simply link to our website from yours then send us a quick message ( telling us your email address and the page you’ve linked to us from and we’ll upgrade your account.

Remember, the premium membership has a load of great features that are sure to get you more customers, and we have a lot more planned for the future! This offer won’t last long so if you’re interested please act quickly!