The Best Dog Treat Recipes on the Internet

We love our furry little friends, and like humans, they too crave an occasional treat! While there are a plethora of treats available in any supermarket or pet store for dog owners to buy, many of the brands available are not exactly healthy for your pet and the name brands that are suitable can be quite costly.

As the dollar becomes less prominent and we become more knowledgeable about our pet’s health and well-being, many dog owners are embracing making their own homemade dog treats. Fortunately there are thousands, if not more, dog treat recipes which can be found on the Internet, free of charge. What’s more is that these recipes are healthy, cost effective and offer a wide variety of truly creative and scrumptious treats for your dog. For the best dog treat recipes check out these popular sites.

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Ordinarily Internet searchers come to this very popular site to find something new or inventive to make for dinner. However, in the recent months this site has added a plethora of dog treat recipes, all donated by faithful pet owners who have tried, and loved, them.

All the recipes are healthy for your dog and most of them include video tutorials should you need them. Go to and in the search box enter ‘dog treats.’ This will bring you to a page with 40 or so different recipes along with full instructions of ingredients and preparation, as well as nutritional information and reviews from those who have tried them.

This is a site devoted completely to dog recipes and it not only includes concoctions for treats, but it also has many recipes for homemade dog foods as well. The recipes on here are inventive, so much so that humans might be tempted to try some of them!

Some of their 5-star recipes include Peanut Butter Banana Pupcakes and a tasty sounding Cheesy, Meaty Homemade Dog Food. There are also many helpful links for other resources pertaining to all things canine.

Another fabulous site devoted to dog treats, the index is easily navigated and here you will find the run of the mill homemade treats but also a lot more. Other recipes include gourmet treats, frozen treats for the hot summer days and even recipes for dog cakes and icing.


Pinterest has been around for a couple years now and on this site you can find everything from how to sew to where to find the latest makeup deals. Now dog owners can also turn here for some of the best dog treat recipes from all over the world, all of which have been reviewed and recommended. The site boasts hundreds of ‘pins’ for any type of treat you could ever want including recipes for diabetic treats and some that are weight conscious.

Although this site is not exhaustive, if you are looking for a short, quick, top 10 guide to dog treat recipes, this site is for you. The page is simple and fuss-free and offers the daily top 10 best treats found on the Internet.

Here there are vegetarian treats and party pupcake recipes and you can also find other helpful information such as dog walking, training and health care tips from professionals. Essentially this is an easy, one stop shop for dog lovers.

This is an all-inclusive site that has hundreds of dog treat recipes which are categorized according to different needs such as heart healthy recipes, vegetarian treats and fun treats. The site is packed with recipe gems, easy to follow instructions and also has a lot of tips and games with accompanying links. There is also helpful information on which treats an owner should give to their dog according to their breed.

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For dog owners that are concerned with gluten or their dog’s heart health, this dandy site has thousands of recipes that are gluten free and are tested and proven to be weight smart and overall health conscious for dogs.

There are diagrams and nutritional guides as to what not to feed your dog as well as some facts about common misconceptions of dog treats and when or how to offer them. The site promotes healthy living and also offers other great tips about dogs for owners.

This site has 400 recipes which include gluten free, vegetarian, and wheat free recipes all categorized so they can be easily accessed. The recipes come from all over the world and each one is reviewed by those who have tried them. Users can also bookmark their selections so they can revisit them at a later date as well as share them on personal social networking sites.

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