Dogs In England Must Be Microchipped from 2016

It has been announced today that every Dog owner in England must have their pet microchipped from 2016 onwards. In a plan meant to reduce the amount of strays on the streets, the microchips will be encoded with owners details, and those who do not comply with the new law may find themselves slammed with a £500 fine.

The device, which is the size of a grain of rice is implanted into the Dog between the shoulder blades using a syringe, but is no more painful than an average vaccination. The device is made from ‘bio-compatible’ glass which is the same material used to make human pace makers. The device also fuses itself where it’s implanted, meaning it won’t move around the animals body.

lost dog

UK government figures show that in excess of 100,000 dogs are dumped on the streets each year, costing the public and welfare charities more than £57 million. This new law is hoped to drastically reduce these figures. The new legislation will come into affect from the 6th of April 2016.

Currently, charities in the UK such as Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home provide free microchipping, although having the procedure performed privately only costs around £25. It is still unclear whether the government will pay for the procedure, once the law comes into affect. The Dogs Trust has welcomed the scheme, saying it would make a “huge difference.”

Statistics also show that around 40% of Dogs picked up by charities on the street contain chips with inaccurate data, meaning the animals cannot be returned to their owners. In the European Union, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Austria and Belgium, already have compulsory microchipping laws.

 What do you think of this new law? Do you think it will help the situation? And if you’re from another country would you like something like this implemented? Get involved in the discussion in the comments below!

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7 Responses to “Dogs In England Must Be Microchipped from 2016”

  1. Sophie says:

    I think it’s a great idea. But why leave it untill 2016? The sooner it’s brought in the better.

  2. ann nicolson says:

    I think its a great idea but why not sooner rather than later? I work with the Police and the number of strays we get brought in who arent chipped is pain in the orovernial and we have to look after them for 46 hrs before the dog warden uplifts.If you get a dog get it chipped–any responsible person would

  3. ann nicolson says:

    that was meant to be total pain in the proverbial!!!!

  4. Sandra Curry says:

    Definitely a good idea but I don’t understand why the delay in implementing it. I think all responsible breeders should make sure that puppies are chipped before going to their new homes.

  5. Oxonian says:

    The ‘system’ doesn’t work at the moment, why should we think it will work in the future? An elderly lady’s Jack Russell escaped from her garden and she contacted the police, dog warden, local vets within minutes of him disappearing. He was a rescue dog and had been microchipped. He wasn’t wearing a collar or tag, only wearing these when he is being exercised. Three days later she received a telephone call to say that he was at a RSPCA centre 16 miles away. The caller told her that she couldn’t collect him that day because they were closing and that she would have to pay £90 to get him back. This lady struggles to make ends meet and £90 was a big deal for her. Why was the dog taken 16 miles away and kept for 3 days when he must have been picked up within a mile of his home at the most? The microchipping of dogs isn’t about getting lost and stolen dogs back to their rightful owners – even if that is what we are being told. BTW both my dogs are microchipped, but I have heard too many stories about stolen and lost dogs not being returned to their rightful owners to have any confidence that the microchips will be used for the purpose for which I thought they were intended.

  6. GARY DIBELL says:

    yes its a good idea it should be made law sooner rather than later but if a family who has more than 1 dog i,e 2,3 it will be exspensive it says above there is charitys do it free well not in this country not even the r,s,p,c.a do it free every one charges

  7. Mukta says:


    I am from India and this seems an interesting initiative to me.

    However, it may work where dogs run away, are lost or stolen.

    How will this initiative help to change mindset of families that willingly dump their pets? Is a law enough to keep pets out of streets? Could this lead to more people putting their old/disabled pets to ‘sleep’?

    I would be interested to know more about this project and any links that readers here may have come across.

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