A Healthy Start to 2013 for You and Your Dog

2013 is in full swing however it is not too late to start planning your new year’s resolutions. Dog owners can take this opportunity to give their pooch the kick-start they need to stay fit and healthy. Whether your dog is already overweight or they have slowly started piling on the pounds, here are some top tips for getting your dog back on track.


A healthy start for you and your dog

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  • Ensure that your dog is receiving the best possible nutrition. The dog food aisle may be full of different tins, pouches and dry food bags however finding the right one for your pet can be tricky. Research into the best ingredients for your specific breed, taking into account their weight and their current health needs.


  • It can often be tough to acknowledge that your pet needs to go on a diet, those extra few pounds can even make them look cute! However adorable your podgy pet does look, canine obesity can have a serious effect on their health and well-being. The easiest way to tell if your pet needs to switch to diet dog food is by checking if you can feel their ribs easily. If not, it’s time for a change!


  • Appropriate exercise is a must and your dog will benefit from regular walks and play time. If your pet is struggling to walk up the garden path, start a gradual exercise programme that will allow them to get back into the swing of things with ease. Introduce fun play activities to keep your dog interested in exercise, playing fetch, tug or even letting them off the leash in save environments are all great choices.


  • Along with the internal factors, it is important to also keep your dog well groomed and maintained. Keep watch for any mats in fur, rotten teeth, overgrown toenails or parasitic infections that can lead to further health problems for your dog. Routine care can drastically improve your pet’s lifestyle, keeping you both happy!


  • Understanding your dog is the key to ensuring that they receive the best possible quality of life. Take the time to research your specific breed’s personality traits and pay attention to their body language to recognise if they are unhappy or unwell. Once you can pick up on the signs you can start giving them exactly what they need.

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