Understanding Dog Aggression

January 15th, 2014

Aggression with dogs is understood as any type of behavior that aims at frightening or hurting another animal or human. Growling, snarling, showing teeth, and similar behaviors are all considered aggressive. Although they are normal, humans generally seem to have a problem with these types of behavior. From the dog’s perspective, there is always a reason to be aggressive.

Aggression towards strangers

dog aggressionPeople and dogs have different ways of communicating, which can often lead to misunderstandings between the two species. … Read the rest

The Best Dog Treat Recipes on the Internet

April 29th, 2013

We love our furry little friends, and like humans, they too crave an occasional treat! While there are a plethora of treats available in any supermarket or pet store for dog owners to buy, many of the brands available are not exactly healthy for your pet and the name brands that are suitable can be quite costly.

As the dollar becomes less prominent and we become more knowledgeable about our pet’s health and well-being, many dog owners are embracing making … Read the rest

Dog Sitters: How Many Dogs Should You Have at One Time?

April 11th, 2013

dog walkers city mega

The dog sitting and walking business is currently booming particularly in metropolitan areas where owners spend long days at work or travel frequently. The process of hiring one of these professionals should be one that is well thought out and if possible, hired by word of mouth as there is a lot of valuable and reliable information a pet owner can get from referrals.

Although dog sitters made a decent living, committing to only one or two dogs is likely … Read the rest

Dogs In England Must Be Microchipped from 2016

February 6th, 2013

It has been announced today that every Dog owner in England must have their pet microchipped from 2016 onwards. In a plan meant to reduce the amount of strays on the streets, the microchips will be encoded with owners details, and those who do not comply with the new law may find themselves slammed with a £500 fine.

The device, which is the size of a grain of rice is implanted into the Dog between the shoulder blades using a … Read the rest

Dog Collars for High-end Luxury and Comfort

February 4th, 2013

Pet owners take very good care of their companions and accessorise them to make them stylish and unique. They purchase exclusive pet accessories to make them comfortable and fashionable. Pet lovers not only buy pet jewellery, but also collars for better control and mobility. All such pet accessories make pets look more beautiful. Today, there are different types of pet accessories available in the market for dogs, cats, fish, birds or other pets. You can easily choose the one that … Read the rest

A Healthy Start to 2013 for You and Your Dog

January 23rd, 2013

2013 is in full swing however it is not too late to start planning your new year’s resolutions. Dog owners can take this opportunity to give their pooch the kick-start they need to stay fit and healthy. Whether your dog is already overweight or they have slowly started piling on the pounds, here are some top tips for getting your dog back on track.


A healthy start for you and your dog

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  • Ensure that your dog is receiving the best possible nutrition. The
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Pets on Tour – Bringing Your Furry Friend Along For the Ride

December 2nd, 2012

Taking furry family members on holiday has become very popular in recent times, with many places accommodating to animal’s needs, it’s more appealing to take your pet with you than to leave them at home. Here’s a quick to do guide before venturing off on your holiday…

  • Location Considerations: Before you set off on your jolly’s you need to take into consideration your destination and how you are going to get there. Your destination should be pet friendly, so pick
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Dogs and their jobs

November 11th, 2012

For most of us, a dog is a beloved family member, and a pampered pet.  We provide our canine companions with luxury dog beds, an abundance of squeaky toys, and the best pet food we can find.  However, not all dogs live pampered lives in return for performing the occasional trick to impress the next door neighbour.  Some dogs hold down full time jobs, using their strength, or their sense of smell, to earn their keep.

dogs and their jobs

Here’s a quick look … Read the rest

Training Your Puppy without the Classes

October 29th, 2012

Choosing to get a puppy is a massive decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As well as all the costs and commitment, a puppy also requires a great deal of on-going training to ensure it grows up to be a healthy and happy dog.

Before you can train a puppy, you need to develop a mutual respect for one another. A dog won’t always do as you ask it to without a reward, whether this is a treat … Read the rest

Why you should bake your own dog treats

October 20th, 2012

We understand that you love your dog.  They don’t call dogs “Man’s best friend” for nothing!  They bring us joy, make us laugh, and comfort us when we’re feeling down.  They miss us when we’re gone, and get so excited when we’re back that you’d think we were gone for a year!  That’s why we are pet parents, not pet owners.  Our dogs are our children, and we love them as such.  So, why not feed them like we would … Read the rest